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Monitor wind vane self steering

Hi folks. Just an initial note to advise that I will be selling my Monitor self-steering gear very shortly. I bought this in April 2018 with the plan to install it on my Victoria 34. Plans have now changed. I stripped and rebuilt the Monitor last November/December and have replaced all the needle bearings, sheave blocks including all of the linkage bushings, new (correct diameter) steering lines. It has the wheel steering hub too. All the mounting hardware including all necessary bolts are included. This is the 316 Stainless steel version. Effectively, the unit is as new. It was polished too. All new service parts including the new mounting tubes were ordered from Scanmar International and Suzy at Scanmar has the record of the unit from new and all parts ordered. I have all receipts too including the 'bill of sale' from the previous owner. Watch this space.


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