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Monitor wind vane self steering

Hi folks. Just an initial note to advise that I will be selling my Monitor self-steering gear very shortly. I bought this in April 2018 with the plan to install it on my Victoria 34. Plans have now changed. I stripped and rebuilt the Monitor last November/December and have replaced all the needle bearings, sheave blocks including all of the linkage bushings, new (correct diameter) steering lines. It has the wheel steering hub too. All the mounting hardware including all necessary bolts are included. This is the 316 Stainless steel version. Effectively, the unit is as new. It was polished too. All new service parts including the new mounting tubes were ordered from Scanmar International and Suzy at Scanmar has the record of the unit from new and all parts ordered. I have all receipts too including the 'bill of sale' from the previous owner. Watch this space.


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Re: Monitor wind vane self steering

'Monitor' wind vane self steering gear

Scanmar International (USA) – 316 Stainless Steel ‘Monitor’ wind vane complete with 316 SS wheel steering adapter; all 316 SS mounting hardware (brackets, bolts, nuts and washers), spares kit, spare 316 SS rudder safety tubes, turning blocks, 2 wind vanes, user manual and installation guide.

Originally purchased by the first owner from Scanmar International, who installed it on his Rival 38.
I purchased the Monitor from the second owner (who never installed it on his Vancouver 28 due to advancing years) in April 2018, with the intention of installing it on my Victoria 34. Additional mounting tubes specifically for the V34 were also ordered, but I never installed the Monitor. I totally stripped and rebuilt the Monitor in February 2019 with all original Scanmar supplied parts. The parts were imported by SIMS Marine (Monitor’s UK agent). Parts included all needle bearings, shims, actuator shaft rebuild kit, sheave blocks, pendulum lines etc. Original parts available too in addition to the spares kit.

This Monitor is effectively ‘as new’ and has had no impact damage (typically as a result of a rear shunt) or abuse whatsoever – just wear and tear through normal use. It is also the current model and an additional ‘emergency rudder’ kit can be ordered separately too.
I have the original ‘bill of sale’ from when I bought the Monitor off the second owner in April 2018. I also have the receipts from Scanmar International and SIMS Marine UK. The Monitor has been stored in my spare bedroom and now needs to get back to sea!
Like all of the premium wind vane self steering gears that are available, they are not cheap. A new Monitor with the wheel steering adapter and basic mounting hardware will cost $4,900.00 before, VAT, import duty and freight from the USA. Visit https://www.scanmarinternational.com/mo … ndvance-hp for full details.

All details including photos are included within the PDF document

The Monitor is located in Portrush, County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Collection to be arranged by the purchaser.
Asking price is £2600.00 for the Monitor complete will all original mounting tubes; new mounting tubes; all mounting H/W, wheel adapter etc. as listed above.

Monitor Features
•    Stainless steel construction for years of reliable service
•    Minimum friction for light air performance
•    Remote flip up/down paddle is only in the water when needed. Won’t affect your manoeuvrability.
•    Positive yaw damping prevents broaching and wandering in a seaway, an important requirement for heavy weather
•    Pendulum strut guard protects against collision
•    Overload protection with mechanical safety tube protects the vessel and the windvane
•    One to one movement on pendulum lines
•    Built-in block alignment
•    Strong four-point mounting system
•    Custom Spectra pendulum lines
•    Lightweight and easy to remove with 4 bolts
•    Remote course control
•    Optional emergency rudder conversion kit
•    Optional SwingGate mount for open or reverse transoms

•    U.S. manufactured stainless steel for advanced corrosion resistance
•    Precision manufactured and assembled in California by Scanmar technicians
•    Weight only 52 lbs, 23 kg, with typical mounting system
•    No lubrication required for the life of the product, just fresh water

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