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East Coast Rally to Brightlingsea

The East Coast Rally to Brightlingsea will take place on the weekend of the 7th and 8th September 2013.  The rally has been arranged by John Sadler, who keeps his own Frances 26, MARIA FRANCES, at Brightlingsea.

On Saturday, 7th September, HW Brightlingsea will be at 14:04 BST with spring tides.  Most visiting yachts will want to arrive with the tide and the Harbour Master will do his best to keep the boats together on the visitors section of the main pontoon.  Visit http://www.brightlingseaharbour.org/vis … rings.html.  There is an efficient ferry service for those wanting to go ashore.  A pre-dinner drinks party will be held on the yachts/pontoon before members go ashore by water taxi to dine at The Colne Yacht Club's restaurant. Two courses and coffee from the buffet meal will cost about £15, plus drinks. Visit http://www.colneyachtclub.org.uk/restaurant.htm.  The restaurant is on the first floor and there is a splendid balcony with fine views over the River Colne.

John Sadler has requested that members should contact him as soon as possible if they have any intention of attending this event, as he needs to give both the Harbour Master and the Yacht Club approximate numbers.  Contact John Sadler by e-mail at j.f.sadler@gmail.com


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