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Cruising Association Promo Week 11-20 September 2020

In the absence of the Southampton Boat Show as we know it, the Cruising Association (CA) is running its own feature-packed online Promo Week from 11-20 September. The activities and incentives are designed to help attract non-members as well as engaging with and entertaining existing members. There are plenty of 'purpose-built' online incentives.

Members of an Owners Association wishing to join the CA already qualify for a 25% discount off first year membership when paying by Direct Debit.

There will be opportunities to:

  • Book in an online chat with a member of the CA team; you can ask as many questions as you like

  • Request a demo of the CA's App, CAptain's Mate, and take a tour of the website

  • Benefit from some terrific discounts

  • Enjoy two specialist cruising webinars

  • Enter a super prize draw for some Gill sailing clothing

So, whether you're interested in short or longer-term cruising - be it under sail or power – and you'd like to tap into the CA's knowledge-base and benefit from the global support network that the CA provides (plus a whole lot more), the CA invites you to log on to their website in the absence of being able to welcome you in person to their Southampton Boat Show stand.

Also, as soon as you become a CA member you immediately qualify for a huge range of discounts, access to the member forums and CAptain's Mate, entry into the next Big Prize Draw; plus you receive Cruising magazine and the CA's monthly E-newsletter... and much, much more!

Take a look at all the Promo Week details via the link below and, whilst you're at it, stick a note in your diary to pop back - online - from 11 September! The 25% discount code to obtain your reduced membership subscription can also be found via this link. https://www.theca.org.uk/news/ca_promo_ … tember2020


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