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Victoria Shadow Association 25th Anniversary

It is 25 years since the publication of a launch flyer by Peter Gregory of Victoria Marine Limited to ensure the maintenance of contact between owners of the company’s yachts and motor boats, at home and abroad.  There were messages of support from both Chuck Paine and Bill Dixon, the respective designers, and plans published for rallies and meetings.  In the intervening years little has changed in the overall aims of the Association, as articulated within our Constitution.

The development of the Association, since the inaugural meeting, held at Warsash Sailing Club on the 10th March 1991, can be plotted through the Newsletters and Waterlines Journals published and distributed by a host of willing volunteer owners, which are tabulated within the Publications area on the Association Website.

To mark the occasion the Association Committee has decided to hold an 25th Anniversary Luncheon, and the Commodore of Warsash Sailing Club has granted permission for that to be at our spiritual home in the Club, overlooking the River Hamble.  There will be further announcements between now and next year, but it is hoped that all members will mark Saturday 12th March 2016 as a date in their diaries not to be missed.


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