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Frances 26 BLUE ILEX

BLUE ILEX is a Frances 26 Cutter.  She is owned by Graham and Helen Mitchell, and is normally berthed in Edinburgh.
Hello.  I am the owner (as of February 2011) of Frances 26 (1995) Blue Ilex after nearly 20 years sailing/racing a fin keel Seamaster 925 with a sailing partner.    I’ve had a good season getting used to her based at Granton Harbour, Edinburgh where she lies on a mooring.  Her slower pace and more restricted manoeuvrability compared to a fin keel was expected but I am a bit concerned about lack of power under engine.  She seems slow to gather way and vulnerable to the effect of the wind as a result.

I would like to seek opinions about the propeller aperture - the rudder does not have any ‘cut-out’ and I have a 3 bladed 12 * 9 Radice propeller and Yanmar 1GM10.   

My searching of the internet came up with the figure of 15% of prop diameter as the minimum space required between the arc of the prop blades and the rudder, or the hull.  So my 12”  (305mm) prop is too close to the rudder at the bottom of its arc (25mm) – possibly because previous owners have added a rope cutter to the shaft.  It should be at least 45mm say.  However I understand from the technical information supplied by VSA that later production models such as mine had the original rudder cut out omitted to gain manoeuvrability?

Should I cut out some of the rudder or not is the question.  Also can anyone tell me what the composition of the rudder is.  I assume it is solid GRP without any internal metal frame? Or is it wood with a GRP coat?


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