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Victoria 30 KIOME OF SARK (David Whitehead)

David Whitehead owned Victoria 30, KIOME OF SARK, between 1990 and 1993, and David provided us with a quite fascinating history of the boat via two emails in May 2011.  The order of some of the paragraphs have been changed to combine the two messages into one but, otherwise, these are David's words:

... back in 1990 I bought a Victoria 30 ( Kiome of Sark ) from a chap called Steve Baldwin who kept her in Dartmouth Harbour. I sailed her back to Holland, where I then lived, and had a few years cruising in her in the North Sea and Channel. She was a grand boat - although a bit slow, which I atrributed to her not having very well cut sails.

Kiome ( as she was originally named ) was built in 1985 for an American called William Belcher McKay of Rhode Island who had an Innuit ( ie eskimo ) wife. She ( the boat that is! ) was delivered to him in the Channel Islands and he planned to sail her back to the USA. Unfortunately he had a heart attack and died before being able to fulfil this plan.

The boat was laid up apparently for a couple of seasons in Jersey, I believe, and was then bought by a chap called Steve Baldwin in 1988 and he imported her into the UK and paid the UK VAT. He kept her at Darthaven Marina in Kingswear, Devon.

I bought her from him in 1990 and registered her ( Part 1 ) in St Helier and renamed her Kiome of Sark - ON 721807 - as there was already a Kiome on the register ( rather surprising as it is an Innuit word which translates into English as “I have no idea”. I suspect it was the same vessel which had not got deleted when Steve Baldwin registered her in Part 3 in the UK! )

I imported her into Holland when the single European act came into force in 1992. This was an interesting exercise which eventually resulted in the Dutch Customs refunding me some of the UK VAT which had been paid. Anyway, Kiome then had two VAT Certificates!

In 1993 I sold her to a German, whose name I cannot recall. The UK registry was then cancelled. He took her up the Rhine to Dusseldorf and his first act on coming aboard was to measure her air draft to ensure she could get under the bridge at Arnhem ( a bridge too low? )

She was later brought back to the UK and has now been restored to her former glory.

David Whitehead


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