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Frances 26 AMORELLE (Derrick Thorrington)

Derrick Thorrington has owned Amorelle for seven years and been a member of our Association since 2000, as well.  Amorelle features extensively in the Frances 26 Technical Manual, much of which was written by Derrick and for which we are most grateful. Derrick now feels it is time to move on...

18th January 2007


Well, much has happened in the last year; getting married to Alison, moving house, and finally in the purchase of a new vessel. "Green Flash" is a Freedom 35 and has been bought specifically for long distance sailing. It was sad to have to say goodbye to Amorelle, the vessel that has served me well for seven years, and which has seen in my ownership in excess of 10,000 miles under the keel and what totals to be in the region of 330 days onboard. I will have many happy memories of the boat, and still rate the Frances 26 as one of the finest small cruising boats afloat.

Accordingly I shall not be renewing my membership of the Victoria Shadow Association this year, but wish you and all the members best wishes and good sailing for the future. If however any of you find us in harbour somewhere, please come aboard for a drink, we'll be pleased to see you.

Best Wishes,



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