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Plans for a one-off Victoria Yachts build? - Arabella Rose, 1995

The following was received to the web editor's email:

I own the above boat which I am currently in the process of restoring.


I am trying to locate a copy of the boat plans.

Arabella Rose is a one off. She is the only one of this design, Victoria Yachts built. They sub contracted the cedar strip hull build to Ridge Boats and finished her off at Victoria Yachts.

I have been in contact with both the hull builder, Ian Ridge, of Ridge Boats and the sail manufacturer Shaun Clatworthy. I've received a huge amount of support and information. Sadly though, I cannot yet track down a copy of the boat plans, which Victoria Yachts would have had.

Just wondering if any of your members may have any ideas of where I might locate a copy of these.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

John Heasman

If any of our members knows where John might find these plans, please reply to this post, or email web@victoriashadow.


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Re: Plans for a one-off Victoria Yachts build? - Arabella Rose, 1995

The only help that I can provide is that about 10 years ago the moulds for the boats were purchased by one of our Members, Tim Gearing.  I am not sure if his purchase included the boat plans, but you might wish to contact him to find out.  Tim's details are in the Member's Handbook.


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