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Adding images to forum posts

It is possible to add photos to a forum post without having to send them to web@victoriashadow.co.uk first.

When composing a post or a reply, you should see a bunch of icons (letters, smilies etc). One of them is the button for adding a photo.


If you click that button, you'll get a popup window (your browser may ask you to permit it).


Click the Browse button to look on your computer for an image.

Then click the Upload File button to actually upload it. The URL field will change to show the newly uploaded file path on the forum server.

Finally, click the OK button to have the image embedded in your forum post. It will be wrapped in an img tag.

This won't allow video uploads; for that you'll still need to email web@victoriashadow.co.uk, or perhaps post the video to YouTube as an Unlisted video, and then put the link to the video in your post.


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