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Victoria 800: Access to stern gland

Hello all, I hope everyone is keeping well and relatively sane.
I'm taking advantage of this enforced absence from my boat to finally resolve the problem of access to my stern gland. As mentioned in a previous post, it is virtually impossible to get to the stern gland on the V800 and many owners have fitted various types of hatch in the cockpiit sole. My boat is at Thornham marina, Emsworth and the shipwright there, Steve Hulme, has suggested removing most of the cockpit sole apart from a 2 inch flange all the way around (i.e. effectively cutting out the area covered by teak decking). This would then be replaced by a 3/4 inch plywood sole, epoxied and painted with non-skid, which would be bolted or screwed in place with a suitable seal. This would certainly give good access to the fuel tank and also enable work to be done on the stern gear which is beneath the fuel tank (not a great design, Victoria!). I should mention that I previously had a large hatch cut in the inboard side of the starboard cockpit locker, below the level of the sole, to try and solve the problem, but this didn't work; the panel which was cut out clips back into place.
I have 2 concerns: first, how watertight would the new sole be - Steve feels it should be fine, especially as it probably won't be accessed more than once a year. Second, would cutting out most of the sole affect the integrity of the hull in any way (e.g. by allowing flexing), especially as I already have the panel cut out in the adjacent cockpit locker. I would really appreciate any thoughts on these points before I make a decision on how to proceed. Thanks very much!


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