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A loose garage.

While doing those odd little jobs on deck my eye spotted a loose fixing on the garage of the sliding hatch of Grace Darlings’ entrance. Trying to fasten the loose screw showed that there was no firm ground on the inner side of the garage. Time for a more thorough inspection on that unknown area under the garage. With the six fixings undone, the garage was lifted off easily. The origin of the loose fixing became instantly clear, due to wood rot in the two ribs who serve as fixing point for the garage.

These two wooden ribs were halfway gone; no wonder that the fixings didn’t hold. The ribs are fixed onto the cabin roof by means of 3 screws each, while the ribs are embedded in marine grade kit.
Removing the old ribs was easily done. New ones were made at the home wood saw table, made out of a piece of tropical hardwood I found somewhere in the workshop.

Important to say is that before removing the old ribs, their positioning must be marked with blue masking tape. Also the positioning of the hatch in the axial way must be marked. This to get the garage in the same position as it was.

The new ribs are varnished with three layers of Owatrol D1/D2 system and fastened by 4 instead of 3 screws, A4 quality, embedded in Sikaflex marine grade kit. I sealed the six old holes, and drilled 8 new holes for the new ribs. (Trying to use the old fixing holes is challenging, thus new ones is the easiest way) Just check that the ribs are in the right position. Unnecessary to say that the holes in de ribs must be pre drilled to prevent splitting.
When the ribs are in position and fastened, place the garage in the marked position, and predrill the fixing holes in the ribs for the fasteners of the garage. Also be advised to use new fixing material, the right grade. Be advised to remove your carpenters pencil etc. from the deck under the garage before putting it all back. It saves you search time and a extra removal of the garage!

When the garage was off, I noticed that the end of the sliding hatch had originally a small rib fixed by way of 3 screws to prevent it from bending (I suppose) The rib was broken free, with 3 sharp fragments of the hatch broken off. For now I took it all away and ponder how to fix this. Maybe gluing it back in, or make a new attach point on the hatch.  Also a good moment to give it a thorough cleaning. When time and weather are right even consider take away the whole sliding hatch.

For now the garage is replaced and fixed in a seaworthy way.

Notice to d.i.y. engineers:
-    Always use the right grade fixings A4 quality
-    Sealant kit, marine grade, like Sika Flex
-    Do not be afraid to drill new holes for a secure fixing. (seal off the old ones!!) Mark the drill with tape to prevent holes in the ceiling of the cabin.


Also note the new installed 'lift the dot' fasteners. Due to inferior aluminium rivets (!) they came off.

Marc Langbroek
Grace Darling
The Netherlands.

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