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Some of the slats lining the hull in the forepeak in Triptych have become water-damaged due to many years of leaking prior to purchase. After being pooh-poohed by a shipwright - "hull-deck joints don't leak" - I traced the leaks to a hull-deck joint failure using food dye injected under the toe rail. I have since sealed the gap under the toerail on the outboard side, which has helped. I've started sealing the inboard side but its a contortion of a job and I have had to stop to await a dry period long enough to ensure good adhesion under the toe rail. However, it has made a significant difference already.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to do a refurbishment on the damaged slats as the wood is softening through-and-through beyond repair where it's affected and I shall have to replace the slat. I've trawled the literature, including an article about Triptych from c1990, but no mention is made of this part of the build.

I have a skilled man who can replace them for me but he can't identify the wood used. Can anyone help me identify the wood used for the slats, please?

Don Fitzroy Smith



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Good morning Don,

I carried out exactly the same exercise recently and wrote it up on this site.  I found that resealing the hull deck joint outside in much the same way you describe cured the leaks completely, though it is possible a drip or 2 enters by way of the vertical bolts through the flange beneath the teak toe rail.  Because of the construction of the joint I decided that sealing from inside was unnecessary.

As to the wood, I don't know your boat but mine is fitted out with American Cherry, al alternative to teak as offered at the time of build.  I replaced the forward panels of white faced ply above the side shelves with Cherry slats, which I bought from a timber mill.  I am useless at DIY and no doubt the finish of said slats would be unacceptable to some, but they look ok to me.

If you want photos or to discuss any of this further, feel free to drop me an email.

Good luck,

John Willis
F34PH Pippin


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Hi Don,

In my V34 (1990) I am pretty sure these slats are made from American Cherry, whilst the rest of the wood is teak. A nice contrast of colour and texture.

Hope this helps.




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