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how to post log with photos on forum

I've been trying to post my cruising log on the forum but can to get it to work with photos. I've tried copying and pasting the document both as a word doc and as a pdf, but although the text appears, the photos disappear. Other logs have photos in them so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Any advise?  Many thanks, Colin


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Re: how to post log with photos on forum

Hello Colin
Images are uploaded by the Website Editor (me) in order to manage storage, which is getting a bit short.  If you e-mail them to me, I will provide you with the links to embed in your post in order to make the images appear.
Alternatively, send me the whole thing and I'll post it for you.
I will make this a sticky so that it stays high on the Q&A index, for the benefit of other members.
Paul Townsend


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