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Blue Opal visits Ireland's South Coast

For our summer holiday this year, K and I took Blue Opal to Ireland's south coast in August. We spent 21 days afloat (and walking on land), and had a good time. Some pretty long days, and very unseasonable weather and wind directions, but for a first distance cruise I'm quite content. We certainly didn't go as far as far as John did in Pippin, but I'm not complaining smile

I wrote it all up on my blog as we went along, and backfilled the photos over the last few days. More photos to come as K processes from her camera. The wrap-up post linked below has all of the per-day posts linked in it.

https://www.cricalix.net/2021/09/06/a-s … y-wrap-up/

Blue Opal, Victoria 34


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