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Victoria 800 Prop

I have recently acquired Much Ado a Victoria 800 and her handling astern has surprised me. I have many years experience of long keeled boats and know the fear of the first and last 10 metres in a marina very well. Much Ado has a Beta 14 with a 2 blade prop. She appears to have no prop walk, I like prop walk once I get used to how much. Reversing out of a marina berth Much Ado seems to shuttle cock with the stern into the wind and will not turn either way in reverse even in the lightest wind but she is no slouch probably because of that wonderful canoe stern. Currently I am using the tried and tested floating line to the stern quarter to turn her which causes some concern and worried looks from other berth holders. I assume I need to replace the prop to provide more drive, am I right? Any advice would be most welcome and if I am right what prop others have found to be good. It’s a bit of a blow as I have a long to do list but a new prop wasn’t on it!


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Re: Victoria 800 Prop

Several Victoria owners have fitted feathering propellers - Darglow being one of the brands.
I have fitted a 3-bladed feathering propeller to my boat and the engine is a Yanmar 3GM30F which nominally develops 24hp at normal cruising revs.
Darglow can advise on a suitable propeller given the size/displacement of the V800 and of course the engine HP and gearbox ratios. One of the nice things about the feathering propeller is that the pitch (it can be different for ahead and astern) can be designed to your specific requirements - especially if you want more thrust and prop walk going astern.
Give Nick a call at Darglow. A very helpful chap.

Nick Gifford
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