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Frances 26 - Advice on fitting Beta 14

I’ve decided to replace the 1GM10 in my Frances 26 with a Beta 14 at the end of this session.

The 1GM10 starts well and is reliable having had a new cylinder head, lift pump and stainless-steel exhaust (imported from the US) fitted over the last few years but it lacks power against a head wind and tide.

I would therefore be very interested in any feedback, advice or photos from anyone who has replaced their 1GM10 with a Beta 14 (it may be easier to email me directly with photos).

Many thanks


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Re: Frances 26 - Advice on fitting Beta 14

Hi Andrew.
I bought me F26 with a Betamarine 16 fitted (same size as a Beta 14), and have also been through the joy of fitting a Beta 16 into a previous boat I owned ... a Cornish Yawl.
The betamarine engines are great in being quieter, better balanced with twin cylinders, and plenty of power.  They also have the major benefit of a heat exchanger so you're not pumping seawater round the engine block.

I can send some photos of the installed engine and ancillary equipment in my F26.
The only think that I struggle with on my F26 is that the Beta engines have their exhaust manifolds on the port side of the boat.
This the mean that the vetus water trap obscures access to the stern gland ... which is not easy to see/service at the best of times !

My local engineer has commented that he has re-routed the Betamarine exhaust to the starboard side but that obviously leaves the water trap very difficult to reach .. but worth discussing with your local engineer to weigh up the merits.

My email address is Kevin.Misselbrook@Gmail.com if you want to make contact direct for photos.



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