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Dutch Classic Yacht Regatta 2017

The Dutch Classic Yacht Regatta will be held at Hellevoetsluis from the 26th to 30th July 2017.

The organisers of the event say, "... more than 125 impressive classic yachts will compete against each other on the Haringvliet in different classes."

Dingeman Boogert (Association Member since 1991) says, "Since the Frances 26, Victoria 26 and Victoria 800 qualify for the event, we may be some of these impressive classics."

Dingeman will be there with Frances 26, CLARA anyway and would very much welcome other Frances and Victoria owners.

Further information may be obtained from the website of the DCYR:  www.dcyr.nl.

Yours sincerely,

Dingeman Boogert (Frances 26 CLARA)


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Re: Dutch Classic Yacht Regatta 2017

Good luck in your Regatta. We would love to see  short report and some pictures.
Jon Spencer.


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