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Victoria 800 DISPARATE

DISPARATE is a Victoria 800 owned by Pete Lines and Sally Reynolds.

Pete sent the following by email on the 13th June 2011:

Good afternoon,

I bought a Victoria 800 in Portugal 18 months ago. I renovated her over 10 months and am in the process of sailing her home. The boats name is "Disparate" which in Spanish means foolhardy or nonsense. Think the name is very apt.

I have covered 520nms so far solo, sailing from Portimao to Almeria. I intend to sail her to Narbonne, enter the canals then from Bordeaux up the coast to the UK. I estimate 1800nms in total. She has so far happily taken a force 7 for 30 hours crossing the Bay of Cadiz only breaking 1 shackle.

As I have to do this when I get time off from work I think I will not be back until Summer 2012. I hope to berth her in the solent area. 

I have kept her as orginal as possible but have made a few upgrades. Would be happy to share those on the website.

Many thanks


I'm pleased to confirm that Pete and Sally have since joined the association, and we look forward to hearing further from them.

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Re: Victoria 800 DISPARATE

I thought it was about time I put a picture of Disparate on the site.

Here she is in Valencia, the formula 1 track is in the background, just before I set off for Barcelona. I spent 8 days re varnishing the exterior wood there and had a Webasto Airtop 2000 installed, very nice indeed when at anchor.


I had a custom full length boom tent made for her 18 months ago. The tent has fibreglass poles to give it shape. Here it is up in Almeria whilst ashore. I was doing some maintenance, as you can see new antifouling and I fitted the featherstream propeller from Darglow engineering.


I am working on a list of improvements, upgrades or repairs that I have carried out over the last 2 years and will post that shortly.

I have now made it from the Algarve to Barcelona covering 1040nms solo on my trip home. She will stay in Barcelona for the spring.



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Re: Victoria 800 DISPARATE

Good afternoon,

I made it to Barcelona & was offered a good price on a return empty load to the UK. Rushed over, removed the mast, loaded her up and now she is back in the UK. She is home for the first time since leaving in 1996.

Have her on the hard in Southampton, as the mast is off I will replace the original standing rigging before I launch her again. I hope to have this done by the first week in June and then sail her to Brighton most probably.

It's been a great journey, exceedingly demanding at times but wouldn't have missed it for the world. She is a fantastic little boat and has looked after me very well  Looking forward to doing some South coast sailing this year. Would like to sail up to Scotland next year via Ireland, work permitting.



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Re: Victoria 800 DISPARATE

Brought Disparate back by road from Barcelona to Southampton in May last year.


Whilst the mast was off I had all the standing rigging replaced in June 12 as they were the originals fitted in 1996. Two new coats of antifoul were put on and a good polish of the hull was done before re-launching her in July 12.


She is now berthed in Gosport and I really enjoyed sailing in the Solent again last year. The Webasto Airtop 2000 is worth its weight in gold.

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Re: Victoria 800 DISPARATE

I have finally got around to wrting down the work I have done on Disparate since I rescued her in the Algarve and brought her home.

Upgrade and major maintenance work since purchase in December 2009

1.    Mechanical
   a.    Engine
      i.       New Volvo 2010B engine purchased and fitted December 2010
   b.    Exhaust
      i.       New exhaust goose neck and fittings December 2010
   c.    Propeller
      i.    Darglow featherstream 3 bladed feathering propeller purchased and fitted November 2011
   d.    Heating
      i.       Webasto Airtop ST2000 diesel heater purchased and fitted March 2012
   e.    Cutlas bearing
      i.       Replaced March 2010
   f.    Seacocks and skin fittings
      i.       Replaced March 2010

2.    Electrics
   a.    Batteries
      i.       Two new domestic batteries fitted December 2010
      ii.   New dedicated starter battery fitted December 2010
   b.    BEP Battery cluster fitted, December 2010.
   c.    Solar Panel
      i.       New Kyocera 35W solar panel bought and mounted on pulpit.
   d.    Smart charger
      i.       Sterling pro digital alternator regulator 4 step charger
   e.    Shore Power
      i.       Installed with two sockets in the cabin November 2011
   f.    Lights
      i.       All internal lights fitted with led bulbs, December 2010
      ii.   Led nav lights fitted, November 2011

3.    Electronics
   a.    GPS
      i.       Old Garmin GPS replaced with a Raymarine RC400 colour GPS chartplotter March 2010
   b.    AIS
      i.       VHF AIS splitter box installed April 2010
      ii.   NASA AIS radar installed April 2010
   c.    Windex
      i.       Replaced March 2012
   d.    Anometer
      i.       Replaced November 2010
   e.    VHF radio
      i.       Replaced with DSC ICOM M411 fixed VHF
   f.    VHF Aerial and Coax cable
      i.       Coax cable severely degraded, all cabling replaced from masthead to VHF radio. New glass fibre 1 metre aerial fitted to masthead. March 2012.
      ii.   Permanent whip aerial fitted to pulpit and wired permanently to VHF radio area. Fixed, permanently wired emergency VHF aerial. March 2010.
   g.    Stereo
      i.       Stereo unit replace with ipod compatible unit. June 2012

4.    Cabin
   a.    Taps
      i.       New marine grade taps fitted in galley and heads, December 2010
      ii.   New whale pump fitted, December 2010.
   b.    Sink
      i.        New stainless steel sink fitted, December 2010.
   c.    Heads
      i.       All valves and seals replaced
   d.    Forepeak
      i.       Forepeak cushion foam replace with hospital grade latex foam.

5.    Sales and Spars
   a.    Lazy jack
      i.       Lazy jack system fitted March 2010
   b.    Running Rigging
      i.       All running rigging replaced June 2010
   c.    Standing Rigging
      i.       All standing rigging replaced June 2010
   d.    Sails
      i.       All sails refurbished and cleaned June 2010
   e.    UV Strips
      i.       Yankee and staysail UV strips replaced August 2012
   f.    New fenders, June 2010

6.    Deck Equipment
   a.    Anchor chain lock
      i.       Anchor chain lock installed on bowsprit June 2010
   b.    Chain
      i.       15m of old chain replaced with 35m of new chain October 2010
   c.    Bowsprit cap
      i.       Remanufactured and replaced November 2010
   d.    Custom made cockpit cushion
      i.       Custom made hinged cockpit cushion made to order, 4 cushions in matching burgundy colour, November 2011.
   e.    Sprayhood
      i.       All fitting on sprayhood replaced, November 2011.
      ii.   Mediterranean panel fitted to sprayhood, November 2011.

7.    Outstanding Items
   a.    Tiller
      i.       In the process of ordering a new tiller
   b.    Cabin cushions
      i.       Require attention; intend to replace them next season.
   c.    Cabin curtains
      i.       Require replacement
   d.    Water tank
      i.   Intend to replace after 2013 season
   e.    Tiller pilot LCD display blank although unit still working. Will replace in due course.

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