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Feathering props

If anyone with a V26, F26 or 800 has fitted a feathering propellor, can you contact me, or post your experiences with it here please.


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Re: Feathering props

I had a feathering prop fitted to my last boat, not a Victoria I have to add. The Gori type, two blade folding propellor. It was OK in ahead but prop response in astern suffered delay. As a means of reducing drag it was of good benefit. It destroyed itself when engaging a rope trailing from a pot marker. The need for robustness and strength when sailing a cruising boat as against a performance sailing boat is something to be aware of.

I am considering replacing the prop to my V800. I think the existing is of insufficient duty.  The Brunton autoprop is on my list to look at. Space available probably a limiting factor. Plus the big difference in price between fixed and feathering!

Let me know how you get on.

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Re: Feathering props

I fitted a four blade Variprop to "Raven" my V34. This prop had the smallest fore and aft dimension for the small prop aperture and this allows me to remove it without dropping the rudder. As you have a transom hung rudder this aspect is not so critical as you could easily remove the rudder but you still have the problem of the small aperture. The Darglow Featherstream prop now appears to be the accepted feathering prop for the Contessa 32 which has a VERY small aperture and it is available with a "flat" anode and this could be suitable.
I looked into various props and discovered very few would fit, certainly not the Autoprop or the plastic Kiwiprop. Do overlay drawings on a drawing of the aperture with the blades in various positions. Detailed drawings of the various props are generally available on the Internet
I fitted a four blade to give a large blade area to prevent cavitation in a steep head sea, it certainly works but I don't know how much contribution the extra blade makes.
I hope this helps your decision.

Ian Gray 


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