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Vic 800 Cutter - sail measurements

I'm getting a new yankee and staysail for my cutter-rigged V800. I sent the sailmaker the sail dimensions from the handbook, but this only gives the "I" and "J" measurements - does anyone know the actual standard dimensions of leach, luff and foot for both sails, perhaps having had a new set yourself? Both of my sails are on furlex reefing and the staysail is self-tacking on a track (not a boom). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Phil

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Re: Vic 800 Cutter - sail measurements

Can I suggest that you contact Jeckells Sails, who have an advert in Waterlines and offer a discount to VSA Members.  Their e-mail address is sails@jeckells.co.uk.


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Re: Vic 800 Cutter - sail measurements

I had the identical sails to yours made by Sanders of Lymington.  After 2 years I am still very pleased with them.
Peter Sanders is very helpful, and knowledgeable and is one of very few British sailmakers who laser cuts all sails at his sail-loft.
He has the theoretical measurements for the V800. I measured the luff lengths and gave him the old sails as a rough guide.
I guess the key measurement are the required luff lengths as they are dependent on how far along and above the bowsprit the furlex drums are mounted. He will of course also have the final measurements of the sails he made for me.
On 'Joyspring' the measurements between the points of attachment to the furlex gear are : 6950mm [staysail] and 9900mm [yankee]. Provided our masts are the same length, your V800's measurements should be similar (but unlikely to be identical)
If I can be any further assistance email me.


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