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keel-rudder gap

The recently acquired Frances 26 of our new member Leon Bart has the usual more than an inch wide gap between the keel and the rudder filled in with an added wooden batten. He feels his Frances is sailing and manoeuvring very well.
I never considered the possibility of doing a thing like that, but having seen someone has, I'm curious about the effects on the Frances' sailing properties.
I wonder if there are Frances 26 or Victoria 800 owners who have made a similar modification to their boat and if they feel this is an improvement in terms of speed and manoeuvrability.

Please let me know.


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Re: keel-rudder gap

I have noted your question and thought that you and Leon might be interested in an article by Bob Hathaway which appeared in Waterlines in the Spring of 1997.  You can view the article through the publications section of the Association Website.  Perhaps you could also bring it to Leon's attention.


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