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Gennaker for Frances 26

Dear All,
I acquired MaineStream in 2017.  She is a cutter-rigged Frances 26.
At the bottom of a sail locker I have found a new unused Gennaker - from the same sailmaker as the "white sails".
It is massive ! A light and colourful asymmetric sail.
A couple of queries come to mind (should I ever be brave enough to want to put it up!)

1.  Have any of the members used a Gennaker or Asymmetric Spinnaker on an F26 ?  Advice, experiences, guidance all welcome.

2.  With a furling jib at the end of the bowsprit I'm bemused as to how I would be able to gybe this sail around the forestay.  My assumption is that I would need to attach a block to the same fitting as the furler from which I'd run the tack sheet.  But this would appear a very tight and congested area to get the sail around the forestay.  There is no fitting further forward on the bowsprit to provide a gap.

Any advice welcome !



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