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Query on switch panel on a Frances 26

Dear All,

I am in the process of replacing the old switch panel on my Frances 26. 
It's a bit of a spaghetti junction on the old one so I am replacing with a 10 switch panel with circuit breakers.

However I am puzzled by a single immovable switch to the right of the isolation  switch and wondered in anyone know what it did ?
It looks like a circuit breaker button but two strange fuses behind. As stated it is immovable. 
It takes a direct feed from the positive isolator switch and feeds the other switches.

Rather worryingly there is also a very thin orange cable also coming off the back (signal cable diameter), that then heads to starboard in the loom. 

I have attached a photo if anyone can impart any wisdom as to what it does ...
Please see attached...


Many thanks,

Kevin Misselbrook.
(Maine Stream)


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Re: Query on switch panel on a Frances 26

Bizarre.   the 2 x 4 ETA switches and the key isolator switch are original (for anyone in doubt, they are circuit breakers with their ratings originally on the front -eg the Tri is a 10A). 

It would be somewhat odd to put yet another switch in series with the others, even if something else comes off it.   Can you take a photo of the other side of the panel?   

Initial thoughts:  part of an ammeter set-up and this is a shunt?    Is the orange always on, and so could feed something like a permanent feed for the memory part of an FM radio/bilge pump/VHF?   A previous owner perhaps didn't realise the switches are breakers, and put in a fuse to compensate?

You say the orange goes into the loom to std. - on Francesca most of the wires go to port, with only (at least originally) internal lights, and cockpit instruments to std.   What else is likely to be fed on that side - heater?  autohelm?   Sounds as though you need to trace it, or disconnect it and see what stops working!


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