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Self-Steering gear - Victoria 34 - Hydrovane versus Servo Pendulum?

Hi folks,

I am considering fitting self-steering gear to my V34. I have previous experience of the Aries 'lift-up' (fitted to my Rival 34) and early Hydrovane VXA11 self-steering gear (fitted to my Biscay 36 ketch).

Both designs are very good, but each has their pro's and con's of course.

I am swaying towards a Monitor being honest and note that several Victoria and Francis 34s have been fitted with Monitor. On the same note, I also see that many Hydrovane's have also been fitted (details on each of the vendor's web sites).

I would be interested in any feedback members have based on their experiences of either designs.

Many thanks.


Victoria 34 Cutter - 'Anitra'.


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