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Propshaft Diameter for a Frances 26 ?

Hi All,

I have a Frances 26 and am just going through the process of replacing the existing Halyard Marine stern gland with a Radice Lip Seal version.

I'm trying to ascertain whether the shaft diameter is 25mm or 1 inch.  This is in order that I can order the replacement seal.
My attempts at measuring the shaft or the the inside diameter of the old seal with a vernier gauge comes up with a variety of results ... which I suspect is down to my own error / poor application. 

Does anyone know whether the boat is 25mm or 1 inch. 
Although the engine prop and gearbox have been replaced the stern tube itself looks to be the original 1988 version so I am assuming that the propshaft would the original manufacturers spec. 

Any advice much appreciated.

Kevin Misselbrook.


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Re: Propshaft Diameter for a Frances 26 ?

I put a 25mm (39mm stern tube) Radice seal on Francesca.   Although the shaft is not the original, it would be very surprising if it wasn't the same size.


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Re: Propshaft Diameter for a Frances 26 ?

I believe my V800 was the first one built. It has a Volvo MD2010 (original). The shaft is 25mm.


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Re: Propshaft Diameter for a Frances 26 ?

Panche's (Frances 26) shaft diameter is also 25mm

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