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Victoria 800 Stern Gland

I recently acquired Sue Thatcher's beautiful Victoria 800, "Tamar Chick", having just sold my Frances 26 - I sold the Frances with the intention of getting something a bit larger, but Sue's boat came on the market at exactly that time and was too nice to resist. I'm really happy with her, with one exception - the location of the stuffing box, which is situated directly under the fuel tank and is inaccessible from the engine compartment. Sue said that her engineer cut inspection panels in the starboard cockpit locker when the new engine was installed, but you'd have to be very small or a contortionist to get into the locker and bend down far enough to see anything. The solution suggested by my surveyor was to cut a hatch in the cockit sole. Does anyone have any experience of this or any bright ideas? It seems a very obvious flaw in an otherwise very nice boat. The only other thing I'm mildly surprised about is the position of the 110L water tank, under the V-Berth as far forward as you can get - with the anchor and chain at that end, I'm concerned there's too much weight forward, which may affect performance. Again, any advice from felloe V800 owners? Thanks!


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Re: Victoria 800 Stern Gland

I bought a Victoria 800 last year and I came up against the same design fault. It appears that the engines and stern gear were installed and then the 'lid' was put on without any serious thought given to access for maintenance.
My solution was to install a robust oval hatch in the cockpit sole. I opted for one from USA made by "Freemans" and purchased thru their UK agents. Expensive, but I couldn't source a UK hatch that I felt would be fit for purpose. The hatch is watertight even though there is often standing water in the cockpit

http://www.freemanmarine.com/2400-serie … ches-copy/

"Libby", another 800 local to Milford Haven has a circular version. I believe one owner has built a hatch in-situ but I didn't have the confidence!
I moved the water separator / fuel filter adjacent to the hatch. I also cut a hatch in the fuel tank top to give access for cleaning.
I have made several mods (cut holes)  for access to other areas: cockpit drains hull fittings, bobstay anchorage, jackstay anchorage, throttle linkage, etc....
I'm working on resiting the fuel tank vent to a less exposed position and I have renewed the 'o' ring on the fuel filler cap while I find a position above the level of the cockpit sole.


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