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Using butyl tape to reseal brass portlights on V30

Hi all, does anyone have experience using butyl tape to reseal/rebed the 7 brass portlights on a V30? I have used various sealants over the years with varying levels of success (including applying butyl with caulking gun). Given lack of time and distance from where boat is stored I hired a yard to reseal/rebed the portlights this winter and they used butyl tape. This has been a disaster as significant leaks have occurred already this season. Now need to have them fix the problem. I am just not sure of best method. My choice is using butyl with caulking gun and applying generously to ensure proper seal etc. Any other suggestions?

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Re: Using butyl tape to reseal brass portlights on V30

I have done a couple of the Lewmar potlight frames but cannot find a record of what I used.   Both have been fine.   

One may have been Sikaflex, and the other one Arbo BR.   Having re-sealed the Canpa hatch perspex from a kit from Eagle, they also offered excellent advice on best ways to keep the portlights sealed - hence using a different sealant on the second one.   

My recommendation is therefore to double check with Eagle - very helpful and knowledgeable.

If you do, please let us know the outcome - I also would have been tempted to try butyl strip, but perhaps there are certain applications that don't work for this method.


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Re: Using butyl tape to reseal brass portlights on V30

I was considering replacing the opening portholes with ones that aren't openable. Apart from ventilation is there any down side to this?
Best wishes

Jonathan Mills
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Re: Using butyl tape to reseal brass portlights on V30

Hi,  we replaced the Lewmar port lights on Wynn which had got very crazed with new opening Lewmar opening port lights in March 2011 using Abro KOL1000 polysulphide sealant.  No problems, so far with leaks either from the opening windows or from the bonding to the coach roof. Being able to open all, especially the forward facing one, had been very useful on those rare occasions when we have some nice weather. Hope this helps.
Richard Saunders.


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