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Gas Cookers and Fittings

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Gas Cookers and Fittings

Chris Regnart recently sent an e-mail, which I reproduce below. He is asking for help with his new gas cooker installation and I hope some of you will be able to assist him with this.

I should like to extend the topic to cover all aspects of the gas installation and cooker choice. In particular, how problems encountered were overcome and any recommendations concerning special bits of kit, e.g. gas sniffers and automatic shut-off valves etc. Please send any articles and photographs to your website editor and they will be posted on web page(s) for the benefit of all.

"The original cooker on Elbe Lady, my Frances 26, has finally succumbed to old age and salty air. I am intending to install a new Plastimo Neptune 2500 over the winter months. I believe under the gas regulations you are required to have a gas shut off tap somewhere near the cooker so that you can extinguish the gas quickly without having to go to the gas bottle in cockpit. Elbe Lady does not currently have a gas tap between the gas bottle and the cooker, if I need to install a gas shut off tap somewhere along the gas line in the cabin, where is the best place to position one?

Any suggestions with a diagram or possibly a photograph would be much appreciated.

Christopher Regnart"

Plastimo Neptune 2500


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