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Gas Change on Francesca

[Moved from 'Technical Advice' pages, dated 28/01/11]

Francesca (Frances 26 cutter) is of an age, as a good chunk of Victorias are, for insurance companies to take an increasingly keen interest in them. Mine required a survey when 20 years old, with warranties that all items were addressed. One of these was that of the design of the gas installation - in particular the non-compliant locker.

After discussions with the surveyor it was decided that the bottle should go into a box, which could sit on the existing shelf, and have a drain to the existing skin fitting. The box can be moved to allow the changeover of gas bottles.

Since no off-the-shelf gas boxes could be found that would fit in this area, one was made out of ply and coated with West epoxy, with a fire retardant additive. The whole thing was then finished off with some coats of Danbouline. The box has to be of a height so that it is above the top of the regulator, although there is no requirement to give it a lid.

The lip of the shelf was cut back with a jig saw, as was the moulding above it. The existing skin fitting had to be replaced as the spigot had been cut off flush with the nut, and a suitable hose fitted. Some care has to be taken not to end up with a water lock here as following seas can find their way in here.

Whilst at it, the old cooker was replaced with a more recent model (Neptune 2500) - its principle advantage being that it has flame failure devices fitted on the hob as well as the oven. The surveyor also commented that the gas pipe was 6mm, and it was noted that the new cooker recommended 8mm, so the copper pipe was also replaced (the old one shed plenty of ‘bits’ when taking it out, so replacing it was well worth doing), and a bubble tested installed at the bottle end. This is an excellent device, although as can be seen from the photograph it is only just high enough to see the bubbles. In hindsight this might be better positioned higher up somehow, perhaps on the port side.

Please note that the bottle in the box in the photographs is not a full size camping gaz bottle - the 907 comes to the top (including regulator).

Whilst the new installation was done with the advice of the surveyor, the installation has not been inspected since the work was complete, so in 3 years time we will find out if it is what he had in mind!

For further information regarding gas installations view The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) Essential Guide chapter 7 which can be found at http://www.boatsafetyscheme.com/site/GettheGuide_7.asp.

Original locker

Bubble tester

New gas box and drain


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