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Refurbishing Galley Woodwork


I am considering the best way to refurbish the galley woodwork in Pippin, my Frances 34PH.  It is finished in "American Cherry" I believe and the veneers on under sink doors and the pull out drawer ends looks very thin.  Other parts like the edge rails appear to be solid wood.

I have very poor DIY skills but would be most interested in information from anyone who has successfully tackled this task, including ideas on the finish used.

Best wishes

John Willis


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Re: Refurbishing Galley Woodwork

Hi John,
I have tackled such jobs on several occasions and have similar work to complete around the galley in my V34 too. I completed the teak and holly floors last winter.
Patience and good tools are required. Cabinet makers scrappers; Sanvik tungsten carbide scrapper and a good quality sheath knife (curved blade) are required.
I have found the 'Nitromors' paint and varnish remover is pretty useless now that all the effective additives have been removed (EU regulation?), so it is really down to hard graft unless anyone else knows of an alternative product.
Happy to have a chat at some point though.

Kind regards,



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