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Hydraulic Reversing Pump

This may be useful to anyone with a hydraulic steering/autopilot system.

My Frances 34PH has such a system and it seems the autopilot has never been 'quite right'.  All electronics have been replaced and there appears to be no leakage in the hydraulic lines.  The ram appears to be ok too.

However, when I finally managed to squeeze in under the cockpit to examine the reversing pump, I discovered it was a HyPro PR 0612 (Raymarine 0.5 equivalent, I believe), designed for rams of up to 150 cc (if memory serves me ok).

The ram on Pippin is 170cc, so the model of reversing pump that should go with that is the HyPro PR 1012 (a Raymarine Type 1 would be equivalent, I believe).  The bigger pump does not produce any more pressure, just more flow.

Anyway, I intend to replace the existing pump for the larger unit and hope that works.

John Willis
Frances 34PH Pippin


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