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Sea feather wind vane steering.

Does anyone have any experience of the above wind vane steering, I am particularly interested in how the vane is connected to the stern of a Victoria 30 any pictures would be appreciated.

Victoria 30 Ibis


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Re: Sea feather wind vane steering.

I have a Sea Feather on my F26.   From their website it appears 2 V30's also have one - I shall be seeing them in a week or so as mine needs a service, so will try and find out which boats these were and let you know.   

The designs have changed quite a lot over the last few years so the way my version is mounted may not be relevant, but if it is of any help let me know and I will post or email some photos.   Otherwise Paul/Lee will have all the answers no doubt.



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Re: Sea feather wind vane steering.

i have a Neptune windvane on Tui (V30). Very pleased with it and its steered a lot of miles. The stronger the wind the more it likes it. See here: http://www.windvane.co.uk/

I dont know how to attach a photo on here but if I could email one showing how its attached.


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Re: Sea feather wind vane steering.

I have taken a Seafeather off my previous boat which was an Achilles 9m  and mounted it on my Victoria 800. Works well on both boats. Simple to set up and use. Not too bulky, well engineered, and reasonably priced [as these things go].
As a single hander it is probably the most useful piece of kit I have purchased.
If you approach the company they will send you a dimensioned sketch of the frame for a Victoria 30.


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