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Victoria 34 HIN international issues

Iona was imported to Maine in US by Morris Yachts in 1986 and does not have a standard HIN, but does have 85/02 stamped on the hull. I talked to Morris and to Chuck Paine, who organized the import and they could not recall what happened at the time. I'm assuming the stamp means 2nd hull laid in 1985 by Northshore. When I sailed into Canada they did not like the absence of a standard HIN, but let me in swearing not to do so a second time. I'm on my way there again this summer and would like to know as much as possible info to offer in Iona's defense (the earlier info on this site was helpful, thank you ), and whether anyone else has had issues with HIN at international borders.

Also, would 85/02 mean Iona was the second Victoria 34 to be built? Anyone know the early history? Thanks, Roger


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