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Frances 26 ISC Rating


I'm entering the Round the Island Race in Panache my Frances 26 and one of the questions for the ISC Rating is sailing displacement weight. I would be grateful of any guidence of other owners of Frances 26's on sailing displacememt (Empty weight = 3,100Kg).

Have any Frances 26 owners entered Round the Island race previously and how did you get on? Is anyone entering with a Frances 26 this year?

Many thanks


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Re: Frances 26 ISC Rating

Regular racers are: Jerry Bottrill, TRACKER Victoria 30; Tim Clarke, WIDGEON Victoria 30; and Guy Willing, BLUEGRASS Frances 26, Guy is no longer a member of the Association but you will find his contact e-mail in a 2016 handbook.
To check your displacement weight I would check the Frances 26 Technical Manual.
I am not sure who might be entering this year, but regretfully it will not be many which will significantly improve your chances of winning the Victoria Cup for the first boat back on elapsed and corrected time.
Good luck and don't forget to let us know the result and perhaps even a short article for our next edition of Waterlines would be very welcomed.


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