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South Coast Summer Rally 2014

The South Coast Rally to Hornet Services Sailing Club, Gosport will take place on 30/31 August 2014.  This is being hosted by Nick & Bridget Hillier at their club.  HWP 1503.  If you would like to attend, and are not one of the 14 who have already expressed an interest, please email – nicholas.hillier1@btinternet.com (Victoria 30 – Gracious Lady)

Finally a reminder of what else Portsmouth harbour has to offer – on the Gosport side (5 minutes walk away) the submarine museum and on the Portsmouth side (10 minutes walk to the Gosport ferry): the historic dockyard with the Mary Rose, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior; Gun Wharf with the Millenium Tower; and rather further is Old Portsmouth and finally Southsea wtih the very good D Day museum.  Finally a trip up-harbour (preferably on a rising tide) past the Royal Dockyard is always interesting and the view of Portchester castle, from the water, is spectacular.


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