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Victoria 38 for circumnavigation - info required!

A non-member, Ian Collins from Dartford in Kent, has emailed the Association requesting help obtaining further information regarding Victoria 38s and their suitability for a circumnavigation.  Ian would ideally like an opportunity to visit a nearby Victoria 38, should there be any local VSA members willing to oblige!  Ian's email is as follows:

"Good evening

I recently completed a circumnavigation in my yacht which rather unfortunately I then sold. I am however now preparing to go again and after much deliberation have decided that a Victoria 38 would be a fine vessel in which to go blue water cruising.

I would like to learn more about Victorias and would appreciate being able to see one at close hand.

If you can assist with this I would be most grateful.

Kind regards


If you would like to help Ian with either further information, or potentially a meeting, please email me at web@victoriashadow.co.uk and I will forward Ian's contact details to you.

Thank you!


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