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Frances 26 FRISKA (Richard Smith and Kristina Richards)

Friska is a 1984 Frances 26 with a fractional sloop rig.

Downwind across Lyme Bay

Entering Dartmouth

Having spent 19 years of her life in Lowestoft, she's now owned by Richard Smith and Kristina Richards and moored at Kemps Quay in Southampton.

Friska on the hard

Friska at home on her berth

Kristina and Richard have already had a number of enjoyable passages with Friska.  They regularly sail in the Solent, and have spent enjoyable holidays along the Dorset Coast, in Chichester and Poole Harbours, and had an eventful trip to Dartmouth in May last year.

Since they've had her, they've also been administering Friska with a little tlc.  They've replaced the original fuel tank with a Vetus plastic tank; they've decommissioned the gas system and fitted a Taylors stove; and a new set of sails and a 3-bladed prop are on order too (thanks to this years' London Boat Show!)

As always, its difficult to get a picture of your boat when you're under sail, but here are a few from their trips so far.

Early morning off the Needles

Passing the Forts


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