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Main Saloon Hatch

[Moved from 'Technical Advice' pages, dated 03/10/04]

Simon Bound had a leaking hatch on "Caladh" and decided he would have to renew the seal.  The question he originally asked was, "Has anyone done this or know whether the 'Rollstop' seal is available?" and "Where could he get one?"

Simon answered the question himself.  He discovered that the internal rubber seals are available from a company called 'Seals+Direct', who are also an agent for Lewmar.  The details are:

Web: www.sealsdirect.co.uk
Email: sales@sealsplusdirect.co.uk
Tel: 0845 226 3345
Fax: 0845 226 3343
Post: Seals + Direct Ltd, 32 Marley Avenue, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5LJ.

He, in fact, discovered that the metal surround was bent and invested in a new Lewmar Ocean hatch, which he obtained from 'Sea Tech' in Emsworth.  They also are agents for Lewmar and can provide replacement Perspex for the opening port-lights.  Their details are:

Web: www.seateach.com
Email: info@seateach.com
Tel: 01243 375774
Fax: 01243 379102
Post: Sea Teach Ltd, 2a Station Approach, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7PW.

Thank you Simon for the information.


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